Tanya Valko anti Arab books – Arab wife – Arabska żona critics

The Arabs have been diabolized by the media for a long time, and in the last decade, after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks, anything that was anti-Arab was promoted and seen as fighting for good.

In this spirit, a Polish writer Tanya Valko, took advantage of this need to know a culture that is popular, all while keeping the stereotypes readers would have had about this culture:

So Tanya wrote a series of books, her book Arabska zona, can be described mediocre at best, Tanya made the societies and people look ridiculously evil, by combining every stereotype & urban legend possible ….

In one of these books “Arabska żona”, the writer tells the story of a guy “Ahmed” who got married to a Polish girl.
throughout the story she start portraying Ahmed as the incarnation of evil and portraying the Libyan society as a morally deteriorated society where incest, treason, scams happen within closed doors.

For the Ahmed character the writer have bestowed him with these qualities:
– Drunk.
– Wife beater.
– Very Jealous.
– Incest : having a relation with his own sister (sister already aborted several of his kids).
– Extremist : participating in anti American riots and burning American flag.
– Letting his own wife be raped as a payment for a debt.
– Taking the kids by force from the mother.
– Selling his wife.

Here’s some other interesting points she tried to make in her books:
– Not giving Ahmed a male child would make his wife useless!
– Family taking the money that belonged to Ahmed without bothering to tell him – dishonest society?
– Family let Ahmed have relation with his own sister as nothing happened.
– Girls buy animal blood to spill on bed sheets after wedding, to prove they are virgins.
– A man would kill a women he’s in relation with only to keep it from public.
– Another Ahmed sister, a doctor, provided false death certificate about the wife – corrupt countries!


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