Democracy : Egypt, Turkey : protests to express your opinions not to force your opinions

I have been hearing the last year alot about protests and demonstrations against the recently elected Egyptian president, it seams the guy have barely completed 1 year in power and yet  900 protest took place since he took power, that’s an average of 37 protest daily!

So i had to watch his 2h long speech to the Egyptians, and to be honest it seams he have tried to achieve quite alot in a deeply corrupted country, but what caught my attention is a phrase he said and that basically summarize the ignorance of democratic rights and duties in the region.

He addressed the protesters, saying: protests are to express your opinions not to force your opinions

and unfortunately that’s what many Egyptians and Turks failed to understand, those protesting to force the removal of President in Egypt and Prime Minister in Turkey fail to understand the simplest concept of democracy, democracy is the choice of the population what counts, Not a part of the population, change can only come by votes, Not by taking the country hostage and threatening the economic stability!

As a Lebanese-European , i can assure you that such anti-democratic protest would never take place in Europe and if they do, they will never lead to anything, simply because the population is more aware of it’s rights and duties than the population in the Middle East!



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  1. The concept o of Democracy is indeed vague. Its pure meaning is rule of the majority, and over time much has been added to give it its current extended interpretation. I think the masses protesting in Turkey and Egypt should not be grouped together for very different social circumstances led them to demonstrate. In Egypt, I think, it is more of a general yearning for change that Morsi didn’t do well to bring about. In Turkey, it is specific criticism of Arduan’s anti-secular agenda.

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