land of the free home of the brave … NOT

latest Not joke,

US , land of the free home of the brave …. NOT!

Seriously, while every federal agency is looking for Edward Joseph Snowden, the guy who leaked the classified information about PRISM, The American public is still debating whether he is a traitor or a hero!

Let me rephrase that for you: the guy that uncovered the governmental conspiracy that was continuously collecting your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Skype … data (text, audio, images, video …) is running for his life, after sacrificing his comfort to enlighten the masses about what have been happening behind their backs!
On the other hand, all what the American public is doing is debating about whether this guy is a traitor or not …

To put this in perspective:

In Turkey they had huge demonstrations because a park was supposed to be removed, demonstrations for almost a month.In Tunisia a policewomen hitting a street seller led to a revolution that removed the president and his entire system.
In Brazil an increase of bus fair for few cents led to huge demonstrations involving millions of people.
In France riots erupted as a result of police brutality, lasted more than a month.

And what the mighty Americans do when they know that they are continuously monitored as if they are in the matrix, what would you expect from the land of the free home of the brave …. Nothing!
exactly they are doing nothing, there’s no huge demonstrations, no revolts no riots …… NOTHING.

Some would say, US is the home of the lazy and the brainwashed …. indeed  the US media are probably the number 1 factor in killing any population demands but also … there seam to be a kind of silence social media wise too ….

Ohhhh i forgot …. social media is under the control and observation of NSA …. never-mind, Good Job NSA, good job USA … yeah yeah Freedom … whatever.



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