So we don’t live a 100 year

A couple of weeks ago, our neighbor, a nice 70 year old lady passed away, she was a very nice lady, may she rest in peace, it was the day her 90 something year old friend came to visit. I had a chitchat with the 90 yr old lady … She told me about how she survived all her friends and siblings …

Bottom line is that we have the impression we will live a 100 year, but most people don’t even live to 70, especially men ..

We are weak creatures on our own, and our time on this earth is brief, we will probably spend it trying to achieve something instead of managing our time to enjoy life, all our society rules and standards were conceived as if we would live hundreds of years!

If this simple fact is acknowledged, people would work less than 9 months a year, unemployment would be almost none existent and rich people would put more efforts in saving nature, fighting poverty and diseases, instead of stacking money.

The French are probably the population that have understood life the most, they do work, produce quality goods & services but they also enjoy life much more than other populations!
The Japanese seam to be just the opposite of French way of life, they overwork!


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