2 Saudi men arrested in Merica ( the U.S.) for trying to rape a drunk (drugged) woman

When testosterone flows, men behave like savages …

When girls and women go partying in clubs, they often go in groups or couples, but sometimes they go alone or get separated from the group, and in these cases they often end up in a stranger’s bed, is this rape, well there’s many opinions about this matter, some consider it rape others not, i personally consider it abuse of an unconscious person and thus rape.

Unfortunately these cases happen in hundreds if not thousands of instances daily! all around the world (mainly western world), is there a way to stop it?
no, but if people are more attentive to drunks women words and actions, and give them assistant the number of these cases would be reduced.

But when you are a Saudi in Merica you should know already that everybody is observing you like hawks and your slightest faux pas is a good material for intervention and press coverage,

So it seams there’s a couple of ugly saudi guys who got in a cab with them was a drunk women, what would have been ignored usually by any cab driver if the guys were Whites, Black or Hispanic was not ignored, because probably these stupid fcks were talking in arabic amongst themselves, and once the cab driver heard arabic  and these heads looked middle eastern you know “the terrroreists” types, the hilly-billy cab driver decided that these fcks need to be reported, sure he had hundreds of similar cases and even worse in the past and he never reported a single one but this case  is different …. these are Arabians the enemies of Merica!!!

So the cab driver flagged a hillybilly police officer, who in these cases would have answered that he can’t do anything if rape haven’t occurred but then again these weren’t Americans (Whites, Blacks, Hispanic ) not even Asians, these were  “terrroraists”
(Mericans mentality Arabs or Muslims = terrorists)

So yeah hilly billy cop, went to the appartment and caught the men even before they rape her, so they were charged with assault & kidnapping.

In this case luckily for the girl that these assholes were caught and it seams that they have indeed drugged her, unfortunately the rape drug is used by many assholes, and there’s hundreds are victims of this drug every day!

saudi rape

the 2 ugly fucks, Ahmed Ayed A Alanazi, 27,  and Rayan Mohammed A Alqabbaa, 21, are the two Saudi Arabia students, who are currently being held in Greene County Jail on $1 million bond each.

The more dangerous than those 2 fckheads are those who are experienced in drugging and go unnoticed, raping dozens of girls monthly, these 2 potato heads are clearly amateurs (girl still half conscious, taking a cab, speaking Arabic together, communicating with cab driver …)

source of news : w ww.news-leader.com/article/20130603/NEWS12/306030099/Two-men-charged-kidnapping-sexually-assaulting-woman-they-found-Springfield-bar

Personal experience:

I remember, one night in Paris (6-7 years ago) , there was this gorgeous girl who was completely drunk, she came and sat in the train just next to my seat (not on mine, but the one opposite to it), she was gorgeous … a man was kind of following her, he knew she was drunk almost wasted, i noticed it and knew the guy’s objective, he was maybe around 35 she was around 20-22 so you can figure out what he was looking for, anyway i moved just next to her and started talking with her …. she told me she wanted to piss and asked me if i can take her to my place to piss!  Anyway, due to me talking with her the guy realized he had no chance of taking advantage of her and that there’s another guy on this!
I was single and horny as hell, and i don’t deny that for a sec the idea crossed my mind, but i ended up doing the right thing, after asking her for her address i told her to go off the train in n stops (near her address) , and i got off the train without taking her to piss at my home!



  1. If they’re proven guilty, they deserve a punishment and this will be a stigma in their lives …Evils crimes committed everywhere and not related to one race…

    a saudi student girl

  2. It’s better not to be bias while telling the story, if they were really guilty the facts will talk, try not to be prejudice.
    The most disgusting thing is your words “ugly fucks” “assholes” “fuckheads”. Be HONEST, if they were Americans or European will you talk in the same way? I don’t think so.
    So, instead of talking about people,talk about the problem itself. It is more common on western country, because they are more open, it’s an individual area that people in there prefer their benefits than their group that they belong to, unlike the eastern area where Asian and African countries more collectivism.
    It is the girl’s problem, every place his its proper dress. Since she was in the street she should expect all kind of people, she just wanted to be attractive and get everyone’s attention to her, if she protected her self, nothing of that would happen.
    It is the matter of how valuable you to yourself, if you find that it is ok for you to get out and show the world yourself, you bear the results of your actions. But if you cover your attractions, no one will dare and come to your side.

    1. Hi, i approved the comment because i believe in your right to express opposing opinions without being censored ..

      But let me clarify few things,

      1- Yes i would have used the same terms to describe any person from any race, nationality or religion.

      2- I’m biased, maybe, but i’m not a reporter telling a story, this is actually a blog, not the Washington post , the New york times or Aljazeera.

      3- No, the problem is not due to the women dressing, it is due to men’s mentality!

      1. Men are created with the tendency to be attracted to women. Even though I am a woman, but still I strongly agree that if the woman protect her self no one will dare to do anything to her. That is why these problems in Western countries are more than Africa and Middle east countries. It is because their way of clothing. Here in America and Europe many people are not much covered or well dressed (I mean here, wearing the right dress in the right occasion), I still believe that it is one element , but it is an important one.
        There may be other reasons such as:
        1- In America and Europe, you may noticed these things happened in a wide way. While in Africa and Middle east it’s highly forbidden, i mean the sexual relationship outside the name of marriage.
        2- I strongly agree that if the woman respectable herself, and ignore the people that do these things, no one will come to her side (even if she was not covered).
        3- If rules and punishments were not strict, people will not follow them and that will lead finally to break these laws and rules
        There might be other reasons as well.

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