Getting dumber with age – IQ

7 to 10 years ago, i was a totally different guy, i was fit, motivated, determined …. with age i thought i was at least getting wiser,

to my surprise i discovered a couple days ago that i’m actually getting dumber!

When i was in my early-mid 20’s, i have done a couple IQ tests – that gave me an IQ of 147 and something around 150.

few days ago the IQ test gave me an IQ of 135

that’s 15 points below, my previous IQ’s

your reaction would be 15 point is not a big deal, but what if i tell you in a population the difference between the university educated IQ and those without a university education is 10 points!

And that i have 3 university degrees that means as if i lost half my education!

The funny part is my IQ was around 150 before even getting any university degree!

So it seams i’m getting dumber with age, need to redo the test in 5- 10 years to confirm this theory!

PS: i might be losing patience to complete these types of tests … this is another probability




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