Reflections on Generosity – citation 1

A wise man* once said:

With generosity we can make people forget our  flaws.

(FR) Par la générosité on peut faire oublier ses défauts


Can generosity hide whatever flaws people have?
and if yes, why?

  This citation, proverb might have been more  true some 1400 years ago, but it is not totally true these days, or at least not on all the levels of society.

It still work, but in a lesser way, because people are usually shallow, and when other people are nice to them, they drop their guards and thus forget or ignore the flaws!

That’s why whenever there’s a serial killer or a psychopath captures, often the friend and neighbor would say he seamed like a very nice guy, he would never do something like this!

this is basically the first form of bribery!

*Ali bin Abi Taleb


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