Hire men or women?

Few days ago was the international women day, so i wanted to write a blog post about an issue.

There’s no doubt, that humanity have had a big social leap forward since the stone ages, women were weak and 100% dependant on men, now they are not. Probably women had the biggest role in the early creation of societies, i can hardly imagine the early hunters gatherers men socialising.

I started with the above intro just to explain that women have a vital role in society, later, when humanity succeeded in organising communities, cities and countries, the role of men evolved but not much the role of women, so the fast catching up the last 100 year or so, is seen sometimes as an unormality by some men.

So back to the question, hire a male employee or a female employee?
No doubt each has advantages & disadvantages, in general ( eventhough there’s a lot of exception to this general rule)
Women have more patience to deal with customers, even to fidelise clients, so when it gets to standard customer relation employee, it’s best to have a female employee.
Men are more technical, in certain domains it is even better to have a male customer relation employee.
With some exception men are better at field work, technical work…

Basically men & women have different types of intelligence, and assessing your need will eventually get you an employee that better fills the business need.


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