Halal meat contain Porc (pig meat) in Norway and UK – authorities found

I have posted about the big horse meat mess earlier, and how basically they are feeding us anything and printing on labels something else!

Lately Norwegian authorities found that the Halal meat contain Big quantities of porc meat (pig meat), this is a scam on 2 levels, the producers who decided to sell some product under Halal meat label (to probably increase their sales) are actually scamming the consumer twice:

First Scam: they are pretending these meat are Halal, which are clearly not, they have probably paid a Muslim clergy (or not) to certify they are , and in reality they are simply labeling some of the standard production as halal to simply increase sales.

Second Scam: they are including the much cheaper porc meat to reduce cost and increase benefits, not taking in consideration Muslims do not eat porc, furthermore those who buy Halal are not only expecting a porc free meat but also meat prepared according to the Islamic way.

In the UK, Porc DNA was also found in the tested halal meat.

The tests have revealed up to 30% of kebab meat sold by a mega producer where Porc meat (30% porc mixed with other meats), while 60% of the Halal beef sold by another megaproducer was porc as well (60% porc mixed with other meats),  a further investigation on the scale of the entire European continent would with no doubts reveal more scandals!

The question that should concern producers now, is will their exports to the Arab, Gulf and North African region be affected ?

porc in halal food

porc in halal food


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