Arabs – how oil money is wasted!

Civilized countries invest in their companies, in their population,
the money create more money and more riches …. except in the Arab world
the oil money is squandered on lavish products.
the longest yacht “Azam” will cost more than half a billion $.
that’s enough to fund 1000 startup with $500.000 each
or even 2000 startups with $250.000 each
or eventually 5000 startups with $100.000 each

Do you know what does this mean, your royalty, the Prince or king bying this yatch;
it means with only the money used to buy this yatch, you can create a potential silicon valley in any country!

in the arab world you can even create 10.000 startup with this amount of money!
it’s a shame that while young Arab entrepreneurs are strugling to find funding, those who can help,
prefer to spend it on useless products.


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