Horse instead of French beef, who knows maybe pork dogs or cats aswell , halal , kosher , vegeterian Not really

There’s a big scandal around Findus, that was caught selling food using horse meat instead of beef,

Findus said it had been told that its products were being made with French beef, not Romanian horsemeat.
Question: told by who? your products and you don’t know what they contain!

Findus blames a Romanian producer. The French arm of Findus said it will file a legal complaint Monday against the unnamed Romanian business.
“We were deceived,” Findus France said in a statement. “There are two victims in this affair: Findus and the consumer.”

So: You admit on deceiving consumer: sure you did not expect horse meat, but you were pretending it is French meat instead it’s Romanian! so it’s still deceiving!

In another case, last month, Irish investigators found horse and pig DNA in numerous hamburger products.

It’s no secret, most companies in Europe are outsourcing but when you buy a product that is supposed to contain beef, you should not get horse meat instead! Some people do not see horses as food, so tricking them into thinking it’s beef is a crime and should be punished!

That’s what have been uncovered, the real question is how many other cases were not? who knows maybe we are eating dogs and cats without even knowing! or even donkeys and mules!

What about the people that follow a specific diet, like Vegetarians that require vegeterian oil to be used in their food, or Halal and Kosher food that require no pig products and a certain treatment of animals while slaughtered.
Is there really a respect to what people wish to eat or it’s up to the businessman to determine what better suits his pocket then print and stick false information on the cover!


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