China copying Western monuments means dominance over Western world – according to Chinese culture

Our grandparents used to buy products made locally, having a product made in other country was considered an exception.
Our parents used to buy products made all over the world, having a product made locally was considered an exception.
We buy products made in China, finding a product made anywhere else is an exception!

Chinese cheap labor have successfully took over the global industry, everything is made in china (with few exception),
even products that have high profit margin, iPhones for example, made in China …

in Wall Street Journal article :

They are reporting of a craze of cloning World Buildings in China, any famous building or cultural heritage is cloned, from Eiffel tower to the White house!

To understand why, you should understand the Chinese culture:
according to WSJ:

In pre-modern China, emperors demonstrated their dominance by re-creating rival territories within their own.
China’s emperors also used copycat buildings to convey their mastery—actual or anticipated—over their adversaries. In the third century B.C., the First Emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi, commemorated his conquest of six rival kingdoms by ordering that exact replicas of their palaces be built in his capital.


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