Homeless and need money

I saw this question:

What would you do if you found yourself on the street, with no home and no job?

it’s a tough question, here’s some ideas:

– Collect wild flowers and sell them for women (for cheap).

– Carve some objects in wood , and write a sign, help me sleep in a room, buy my art.

–  Buy these long balloons and try to do animal shapes ( you won’t succeed easily so at first, buy a whiteboard pen and draw on the balloons (eyes, mouth, etc…). > kids love balloons

–  Get some white pebbles and color each in a different color, buy nice candles and some glass jar or vases, you have a Product (donno success rate though)

– Find the nearest advertising agency and offer them to distribute flyers for cheap.

– Take care of stray dogs/cats (feed them etc…) and ask people to donate for your cause.

– Offer shop owners to clean the floor for cheap.

I hope this helps



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