Embrace stereotypes, because are often true !


there’s a lot of them, believing in stereotypes is often associated with xenophobia, racism etc …

from my personal experience i would say it’s better to embrace your stereotype and try to consider it as a positive criticism,

sure some stereotypes are simply stupid, but most are the collective observation of thousands of people, in other words stereotypes are even better than polls… credibility wise!

Stereotypes give a general idea of what most or a big part of a certain population do or behave as,

there’s 3 types of stereotypes (my classification):

– the legit stereotypes: when a certain adjective apply to more than 50% of a certain population.

– the exaggerated stereotypes: when a certain adjective apply to less than 10% of a certain population (but more than 1%).

– the stupid stereotypes: when a certain adjective apply to less than 0.1% of a certain population.

example of legit stereotypes: “ Black people love chicken” (food), many people love chicken but there’s a higher percentage of blacks that do.

example of exaggerated stereotypes: “Arabs have  hot temper”, probably the percentage of people with hot temper is higher in the Arab population than in other populations, but still it is less than 10%.

example of stupid stereotypes: “Muslims are terrorists” , with more than 1 billion Muslim population, if  only 0.1% were terrorist, you would have more than 1 million suicide bomber > that means every single day you would hear about  100 suicide bomb all around the world.

So basically when stereotypes are legit, better to embrace them and consider them as constructive remarks, to self improve.


“y population is always late”  > try to consider being on time very important.

“w population has aids” > always use protection when having sex.

Whatever stereotypes apply to you, you can take advantage of these sincere non intended remarks to improve your personal status.



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