France accuse Qatar of terrorism

I am trying to stay away from politics, but  i actually can’t,
few days ago there was an article featured in the top 3 stories on the French news website FRANCE24
France24 is a governmental news channel owned by the French government,
the article:

in the article, the author  Ségolène ALLEMANDOU fell short from accusing the Qatar rulers who opposed French intervention in Mali of spreading terrorism,

Funnily the above article is quoting Marine Le Pen, the daughter of J.M. Le Pen, Marine is heading the ultra nationalist, xenophobic F.N. party.

Aljazeera the Qatar based channel had an interview with Le Pen few weeks ago:


Few days later the Egyptian president , opposed the French intervention in Mali:

so France24, who is the voice of the French politicians, considered the Egyptian president as wanting to showoff.


In short it seams Qatar, Egypt want a new way for things to be done in Africa, France want to stick will old method to insure it won’t lose more region of influence.

In short, the Arab spring was a big loss for the French foreign influence, all the falling dictators were considered friends to some level, even Gaddafi financed former French president candidature.





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