can future politicians be criminals ?

The way politicians are chosen in democratic countries is a very transparent and thorough process,

the candidates  history is usually screened under the microscope!

but, now with this new generation, could some criminals or bad people be elected without population even knowing their true personality?

On the internet anonymity allows people to spread hate, racism, bully, threaten, steal from, hijack, hack etc … , and all this will not be documented anywhere, it will not even be associated most of the times with a specific person.

Before the internet, people used to express their radical views, and thus allowed others to identify them according to their views , but now the new generations are expressing their views anonymously and thus they might appear as normal friendly people for friends, neighbors and families but in reality they are violent extremists, fanatics or racists or even crazy , a good example is the shooters in norway.

so i quote Mr Halpern from “shit my dad says”

“It means that the future leaders of your country,…, are gonna be people that have absolutely no experience with actual confrontation.  Thirty years from now the President of the most powerful country in the world is going to be some little shit who sat at his computer and hurled insults three feet away from his mommy’s tit like it was no big deal.  I don’t condone fighting, but when a human being understands that his or her actions might result in a giant fist up his or her ass, he or she learns a thing or two about acting before they speak.  ….”




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