Pizza, Hamburger or Kebab ?

Whenever i am hungry and in the mood for a fast food, i wonder what should i get a Pizza, Hamburger or Kebab ?

This question is not that important but for many Italians it will no longer need to be asked!

it seams the Italians have an inquisition on kebab shops! they want to ban kebab from Italy! (some cities already banned the kebab)

also they are targeting ethnic food from Asian, Latin American and African countries

i personally discovered kebab the first time in Paris around 2004, and since it became one of my favorite foods or fast food if you wish to call it!

i love pizza too, but for me kebab is like hamburger, it is a fast food that can be appreciated even when we have not much time, unlike pizza, that takes 15-30 min to be prepared and 10 -25 min to be consumed, kebab can be bought and eaten in 5 min which makes it a fast food by excellence!

Kebab have been gaining in popularity throughout Europe recently,   most of the shops are owned or operated by Turkish residents, which makes these shops the target to all the right wing nut-jobs!  and apparently these nutjobs are able to impose bans on kebab shops in Italy!!

just to compare kebab to hamburger because both can be truly called fast food!

the reason why kebab is gaining in popularity may be because of these reasons:

a client might need 2.5 hamburger to satisfy his hunger need the same level that would be satisfied by 1 kebab.

a kebab usually costs 1.5 the price of a hamburger, while it has double the size at least!

a kebab is less expensive than a big mac – and a big mac is small!!!

a hamburger can be easily prepared at home and usually taste better than fast food snacks and even better than MacDonald !
while for a kebab it’s not possible to prepare it at home!

Kebab have usually more salad in the sandwich than other fast foods, and also tend to have a better meat quality!

Kebab is the fast food that is affordable by everyone!

but hey if the Italians wish to ban kebab so they can help boost the socca (tasteless thin, unleavened pancake) sales so be it, it is their country and they should be entitled to do whatever they want, but they should keep in mind that the world is watching, and in such an era where everything is spread quickly though the internet, even the simplest acts can spark a worldwide ban on products from specific countries!


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