Karma works fast in life and business

Doing Good, being comprehensive, friendly and patient may be more rewarding than what you may think!
A week ago i had to travel from 1 country to another, i wanted to buy some stuff for a poor guy that sleeps near my building before i go, so went bought and gave him some food, then cleaned a bit my room and prepared my self for the trip, then i discovered that i did not notice that the plane was taking off from second airport terminal, and if i add the bus waiting and transport that would add 30-45 min, and gate was to close in 30 min, i would need 15-20 min to terminal 1 but at least 45 min to terminal 2! So i realised i had a problem, waiting a taxi will take too long, i tried to find some taxis near with no luck!
So i had to do the only thing left,
Take an autostop, from experience i knew that my chances are slim in getting a ride ! So i went to the main road towards the airport positioned myself in a place that would allow drivers to stop their car and used the please sign, and the in less than 1 min, a man stopped, i told him i’m late for my plane and i need to go to airport t2, so he drove me there, i left him a usb bracelet as a thank you gift, i got the bracelet from a tech company in Cannes Lions Advertising festival (which the 7 days entrance cost more than 2400$, i entered for Free posing as a convincing journalist- even without any journalist cards- but only attended 1 day- don’t need more, nothing breakthrough was being said anyway!)
Anyway the moral of the story, bought some food to a poor guy and immediately the autostop luck smiled at me ! And was able to catch my flight, and believe me, it’s like this often when you are being positive, positivity will send some luck your way!

As always this blog was posted with my iphone app, sorry for the mistakes


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