Influence of living place and social influence on success

Did you ever wondered what is the influence of where you live on your carrier/ company success ?
You probably already know that a company location is probably the most important factor, but did you ever wonder what role does the residence location have??

To sum it up, there’s a saying”Location, Location, Location”

If you are a businessman, your residence location is as important as your company location, if not more!!

You might ask why?

If you are a social person, then your probably will have more opportunities, establish more cooperations and partnerships while you are outside your company office,
This is why your location of residence is so important, if you are living 20 km from the city, you might miss a lot of these meeting between friends, simply because you might not be in the mood to drive 30min-1h to meet some friends, so basically you are reducing the chances of meeting randomly someone or a friend that could become a big client or partner.

The farther you live from city center, the less the Ls variable will be reduced, (Ls: Living success), of course Ls is just a variable amongst other variables that contribute to success.

For instance, if you live in the city center but you are an asocial person, the the Ls variable will be useless

So here’s a formula:
Of Success depending on location:
Success rate= company location +
[ residence location * social behavior]

Ex: very social guy lives 10km from small city, his company in city center.
Sr= 10+[2*10]
If the guy was an asocial person
The second part would be [2*1] or something like that, if the asocial guy lived in city center [10*1] or [10*2]
so basically the overall social value of a geek living in city center could be equal to a social guy living in suburbs,
This is why location of residence is important.

Please note this formula is not independant from my previous formula of success, it is simply a part of that formula


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