How to make smallbusiness work

Only if you set your business in the middle of nowhere, you can have the argument “that it didn’t work due to location”, otherwise it is entirely your fault.
Heck i have even set my company literary in the middle of nowhere, and in a country i don’t know the language!!! , And i am making it work!

Well, let’s jump into the main subject of this post!
Some time ago, i walked by a new specialized shop near my apartment, few months later i wanted to see how it was doing, so i went into the shop had a discussion with the owner, who was complaining that business was bad!
I offered him my services, ( i have an advertising agency: MediaO2)
I told him, i will come back in a couple of days with some ideas.
Indeed, 2 days later i came back with few ideas and marketing strategies that would change the entire situation, my ideas opened the doors of his business to 2 new consumers categories: “women” and “teens & young adults”.
The marketing strategy was so interesting that it even made this cheap guy order the flyers.

Then he and his wife started interfering on how to put and what not to put, making the strategy less powerful by sabotaging several elements with their ignorance!

So these people who are struggling to make their business work, then an advertising specialist comes and gives them ideas that will potentially make their business bloom, at this moment these people should shut their mouths and let the experts take care of it !!!!

Please!!! Do i tell you how to do your job???

Every business has it’s unique situation, there is no magic formula to make business work, but there are specialized people known as “marketing consultants” , like me, we find ways to make businesses bloom, so if you are a struggling business owner don’t be cheap!! do contact my company or other marketing companies, believe me, what you will be paying is nothing compared to what you are losing due to your lack of correct marketing!
But beware of scam artists, you will know when you find real marketing consultants, also if some guy proposes a website or flyer it does not make him an advertising expert, don’t waste your money on amateurs.


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