Good marketing consultants & advertising experts

My previous post gave me the reason to write this one,
So, how to find these advertising experts, and marketing consultants?

Well, you should look for:
1- creativity, you will need creative people to find creative solutions.
2- intelligence, they should be intelligent, i don’t know how much IQ they should have, i have a 150 IQ and it seams it is more than enough.
3-pioneers not followers, people that define new realities not those that follow what others have defined, it is important that they can think outside of the box.
4-logic: find people that can logically convince you, if they can’t they are no experts.
5-manipulation: these expert should master the art of manipulating the masses or consumers to buy this product or this brand.
6-understand the way people think: they should be able to understand how population think and how the consumer see it.

This post was a bit kind of bragging 🙂
let’s put it this way, any marketing director in the top 500 companies, if he/she does not have one of the above attributes he/she should be fired, and i will gladly accept his job 🙂


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