What it takes to change someone’s life

In this world, most people wait for an opportunity to advance in life, but few people want to give an opportunity to let others advance in life ! You didn’t get it?
Ok, i’ll explain, when a buisness man or a company need an employee in a specific position, they will hire or promote him or her, not the employee’s interest in mind but the owner. The same in real life, people are a bit greedy and selfish, sometimes an action that is not considered as a big deal for you, can change someone life for the better.
Let’s take an example, u see this poor homeless guy near your house, from time to time u give him a buck or two, he’s happy, you are satisfied of yourself, everything is good!
Well it’s not! This guy will remain in the street, nothing changed, but let’s say you give this guy 100$ , you take him to shop for new clothes, get him a hair cut, pay for him a room in a motel , and tell him tomorrow i want you clean and well dressed we will look for a job for you, then definetly you will change his life! Better if you give him a small job, but if not you can help him get one.
It’s more time invested but you are giving this guy a second chance to get back into society! Enough talk need to test this ! Will update you on how it goes.



    1. unfortunately, i got busy in another part of the world so i had to leave the sunny apartment to a lot colder place, i did not have the opportunity to help this guy, but hopefully will do when i’m back.

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