The formula to business success (professional success)

I am not one of these gurus that will tell you how to make millions overnight,
I am a normal businessman, i have observed how things are, and connected the dots.
I am sure that many of you already know this, so i will put it in simple formula:

Luck + Hard work + Connections + Persistance + Creativity + Intelligence + Optimism + Karisma = Success

Any variations of these elements could also give success but first i’ll explain in details each and why.

Luck= without luck you/ your business will never be hugely successfull, you may get successful to a certain extent but you will never hit big.

Hard work = It is necessary in 90% of the cases to work harder than the competition.

Connections = very important element , every business man or woman knows that, connections may help you find oportunities and can be sometimes the most important factor of your success.

Persistance = Most of the times you need to try and test and then try and test before you find your break.

Creativity = innivation is very important , to be different and unique and thus be recognised.

Intelligence = you will need to learn from mistakes and successes of others but most importantly your owns!!

Optimisme = you should beleive in your bysiness / company and yourself otherwise no one will.

Karisma = You will need to know how to present your ideas and engage your coworkers and employees , ex (Steve Jobs).

Later i will add the variations to these equations and some examples.

Posted from my iphone – R.I.P Steve


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